Managing Level Crossings
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Cost effective and risk based treatments for level crossings to economically minimise risk of incidents and accidents.



Level crossings present a major risk to rail operations together with the associated risk to vehicles and pedestrians using the level crossings.  A significant portion of our rail systems were constructed in periods when road traffic was minimal and hence the risk of collisions was minimal.  However this is no longer the case in today’s world and where possible a grade separated approach is taken, as evidenced by the major level crossing removal programme in Melbourne and here in Perth closure of some level crossings and implementation of a programme to remove level crossings on the Armadale line.

A combination of physical and cost considerations preclude the removal of all level crossings and there remain many level crossings around Australia with the risk control dependant on Give Way and STOP signs.  In urban areas a higher level of protection is provided through flashing red lights or the lights in combination with boom gates to warn vehicles and pedestrians of approaching rail traffic.

ARCS has developed a suite of level crossing protection systems to reduce the risk at level crossings irrespective of the current level of treatment.  The following schematics detail the operation of each system.


ARCS will first identify all client and community risks including historical data to identify an appropriate and a cost effective treatment. ARCS begin by developing a risk profile based on the level crossing type and all other relevant data.

The suite of treatments allow ARCS to provide our clients with the right solution, tailored to the client’s requirements. We always endeavour to contain costs to deliver a better, safer, faster and smarter solution.

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