The ARCS Group offer the following range of services:

Strategic Planning and Asset Management Plans

  • Facilitation of strategic business and asset management planning workshops
  • Development and Preparation of:
    • Strategic plans
    • Asset management plans
    • Financial and capital works plans

Engineering Design

  • Translation of operational / customer needs to engineering requirements
  • System design and planning
  • Preparation of procurement and management plans
  • Systems interfacing
  • Development of specialised software and hardware systems
  • Programmable logic controller applications and general software engineering.
  • Radio communications
  • Preparation of contract specifications., commercial and technical tender negotiations and recommendations

Software Design

  • System analysis and design
  • Detailed software modelling and design; structured and object oriented
  • Embedded systems using real time executives
  • Advanced control system based on digital signalling processing

System Applications

  • Programmable logic controllers
  • Distributed controllers and distributed control systems
  • Hardware Design
  • Cubicle layouts
  • Communications layouts for LAN and WAN environments
  • Communication Interface Hardware
  • Embedded applications

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