The ARCS team has extensive hands on experience with many of the systems which form part of Rail Systems. These include Train Control, Traction Power SCADA, Passenger Information, Train Control room design and build, CCTV monitoring room design and build, fire and life safety systems, including tunnel ventilation control. 

We are able to undertake any role required by clients from being a technical advisor through to provision of an EPCM service.


Smart cities refers to the application of technologies (low cost “smart” field devices, the internet and various forms of communication, eg. LoRaWAN, NBIoT, UMTS) to source a wide variety of data which can be used for control of physical assets (eg. lighting, irrigation, utility usage, public safety, parking) and collecting a wide variety of data (eg. environmental, people movement) which can be used by businesses, planners and to provide real time information (eg. advice via apps or digital signs on the location of parking bays) to enhance efficiency in resource use.

The ARCS team has extensive experience in all aspects of smart city projects, from design through to construction and commissioning and we are able to assist clients in all aspects of smart cities, from go to whoa!

Using our experience in asset condition assessment and the use of modern control systems we enhance system performance for owners of water and sewerage services through an end to end service.

This typically starts with assessment of the current system and development of options for system enhancement. Following client sign off on a preferred option we project manage implementation on behalf of the client, covering detailed design, development of specifications, the tendering process, awarding of contracts and supervision of construction and commissioning. Finally we provide training in system operation for the client’s staff.


ARCS have over 200 years of rail experience in areas of technical design. Expert advice. Project Management. Superintendence. Engineering Management and Strategic Planning and advice.

ARCS are a group of industry professionals with specialist and significant engineering design experience in the application of innovative technology solutions to solve difficult problems. ARCS have extensive experience in the fields of SCADA. Train Control. Asset Monitoring. CCTV and related disciplines within rail and related industries and have extensive experience in applied technology in many engineering fields.



We improve our clients business through the use of technology, be this through development of new systems, application of existing technology to solve a client’s problem or using systems to improve productivity and sustainability.

The services ARCS provides can broadly be described as control systems, with our team having a high level of skills and experience in electrical and electronic engineering, communications, IT and hardware and software design.

ARCS is well known for its innovative abilities, in addition to providing services in the rail, water and sewerage and smart cities sectors.

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