ARCS has provided services for a wide range of clients in both the private and public sectors for over 30 year and enjoys an excellent reputation. 

These clients include the Public Transport Authority, OMTID – Metronet, ARC Infrastructure (previously Brookfield Rail), BHP, Rio Tinto, TasRail, Aurizon, Sydney Trains, Aurizon and the Australian Rail and Track Corporation.

ARCS has undertaken projects in a variety of areas including train control (and the associated signalling), traction SCADA, station and tunnel SCADA, various asset monitoring and protection systems, CCTV systems and associated control rooms, passenger information system and displays and communication network design.

We have developed a number of bespoke systems to meet client’s needs.  These include RATS (Rail and Ambient Temperature Monitoring System), Bridge Protect, Level Crossing Manager and the passenger information system used by the Public Transport Authority.

With our extensive experience we are able to provide an end to end service covering business case preparation, design, procurement, construction, commissioning and bringing into service.  We can also provide change management and training for the client’s staff.



LEVEL CROSSING MANAGER Managing Level CrossingsBetter, safer, faster, smarter Nitty-gritty technical challenges, like scouring the globe to source the best product for a given solution,

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The ARCS Group has identified a simple and elegant solution to reducing potential buckling in railways. Variations in ambient temperatures during hot and cold weather can cause rail buckles and breaks in the rai impacting the safe running of trains. It is both costly to the asset owner and operator and dangerous to rail passengers and users. Traditional methods and controls apply system wide speed restrictions based on BOM current temperature predictions often this does not accurately reflect the true conditions of the rail.

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ARCS have designed and implemented Bridge Protect, a system that detects over height vehicles and warns drivers of a potential impact. The system provides recorded footage of the incident and vehicle number plate.

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