Bridge Protect – BIPS (Bridge Impact Protection System)

Bridge Protection
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Over height vehicles hitting low rail bridges causing traffic rail delays, injuries and deaths.



ARCS have designed and implemented Bridge Protect, a system that detects over height vehicles and warns drivers of a potential impact. The system provides recorded footage of the incident and vehicle number plate.

A variable messaging sign with flashing wig-wag lights provides a directed and clear visual alert to the approaching vehicle driver preventing impacts and redusing rail traffic delays, injuries and deaths.


The ARCS Group adopted a holistic approach to implementing a solution to this problem. ARCS has development Bridge Protect working with our clients to identify the primary concerns of bridge collisions both to the client and to the community.

Human factors are the main cause of these incidents, drivers believing they will not impact a bridge and will have sufficient clearance. This system not only alerts drivers of impeding impact it changes driver behaviour significantly reducing the frequency of impacts.

Installed systems have proven a significant reduction in collisions resulting in safer use of treated bridges for both rail and road users.

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