Main Roads WA – Adaptive Light Control Project


Our solution was designed to ensure the lights in this section of path largely remained at a sufficiently low level to not cause light spill issues for the residents.  We achieved this through installation of an adaptive light system which had the following features;

  • On activation of all the path lights via a photo-electric cell the lights in the problem area were instructed  – via ARCS designed and provided light controllers  – to come on at a lower level, with this level able to be set by MRWA staff through the control system provided by ARCS.  Communication locally was via ZigBee with communication to the internet through UMTS.
  • Movement sensors at each end of the section of path involved brought those lights up to the same level as the other lights via a message to the light controllers, to ensure a high level of lighting while the cyclists or pedestrians were on that section of the path.
  • After a pre-determined period of time the light controllers returned those lights to the pre-determined lower level.

The system has addressed the concerns of the affected residents.  As a value add we added to the control system provided to MRWA cumulative power savings and translated those into dollars saved and greenhouse gas emissions avoided.

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