Noise Monitoring in Rail
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Managing exceedance of noise limits in the rail industry is problematic due to new housing developments, rail maintenance schedules and deterioration of rolling stock.



ARCS have developed a noise monitoring system that interfaces to our web or client server and provides profiles for noise under different rail operating environments.

The system is portable and accesses tag readers and CCTV to provide noise profiles mapped against the CCTV images or rolling stock and tag information. The system can be used to capture noise benchmarks or to identify wagons with defective bogies and bearings among other things.


The ARCS group collaborated with noise monitoring specialists, Savery & Associates to produce a versatile noise monitoring system.

The ARCS group’s knowledge and skill in asset monitoring, we are able to produce a range of profiles for ease of operating and exclusion or inclusion in real time alerts including profiles such as “normal” quiet noise levels on the rail reserve and also “normal” operating noise levels.

Our back end systems integrate with existing client systems to provide real time data to maintainers, asset owners and environmentalists.

ARCS have incorporated the use of self-calibrating class 1 microphones, algorithmic analytics, CCTV and tag reader to provide our clients with the best information, as fast as possible in the most user friendly way.

Noise monitoring can accurately provide real time information on rolling stock to identify any potential problems and prevent damage to the rolling stock and the railway.

Helping our clients run their railway better, safer, faster and smarter.

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