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The tactical and early application of speed restrictions based on accurate ambient and rail temperature data can reduce the risk buckles and resultant train delays and derailments.



During periods of very hot weather there is a risk of rail buckles resulting in derailments.  Rail operators mitigate this risk by reducing train speed (which lowers the stress imparted to the rails) during hot weather.  Implementation of speed restrictions was traditionally based on temperature data provided by the Bureau of Meterology, which does not accurately reflect rail temperature.

To address this deficiency we developed RATS which is a low cost, solar powered, cloud based operational support tool which makes rail and ambient temperature available at all times.  This information allows rail operators to proactively apply speed restrictions at targeted locations on the railway.  Rats includes a real time user interface with colour coding for warning and alarm conditions which ensures the relevant information is provided to rail operators in real time.



The ARCS approach is to provide a low costs measurement of rail temperature to allow multiple systems to be deployed over a rail corridor to provide actual rail temperature in real-time. The system has been developed to ensure low costs and a highly reliable sophisticated system together with a proprietary top-end integration into client systems.

RATS allow ARCS to design, build and deploy a proven reliability and cost effective solution across the client railway. This approach ensures flexibility in deployment and accommodates all types of client requirements, providing our clients with a better, safer, faster and smarter solution.

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